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MCC Baosteel Delivers All Slag Pot Carriers to SeAH Group
CopyFrom: Date:12 November 2019
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  On November 7, MCC Heavy Machinery backed by MCC Baosteel Technology Services Co., Ltd. (MCC Baosteel) sent the second batch of 50t slag pot carriers totaling two to SeAH Bseteel Corporation, an arm of SeAH Group based in South Korea, in the MCC Baosteel Industrial park.

  The slag pot carrier project marks the first entry of MCC Heavy Machinery’s special vehicle into South Korea. As one of MCC Heavy Machinery’s featured products, the slag pot carrier integrates such functions as self-backing, transporting and unloading pot and pouring slag. It plays an important role in modern smelting slag disposal process. The project involves four articulated-type slag pot carriers, 10.6m long, 4.06m wide and 4.35m high, with the weight of 47t and the maximum load of 50t. After MCC Heavy Machinery undertook the project, members of the vehicle manufacturing team planned and prepared meticulously, and kept sticking to their posts at least five days a week. They worked to make every process seamlessly connected and daily tasks finished that very day. With the value of “customer first” in mind, they overcame numerous difficulties just to ensure the high quality of products. Finally, hard work pays off; they successfully finish the slag pot carrier manufacturing task. The four slag pot carriers are delivered in two batches. The first batch was delivered to SeAH Bseteel Corporation in October. MCC Heavy Machinery dispatched Zhang Cheng, an excellent quality inspector, to SeAH Bseteel Corporation for vehicle delivery and operation training. By now the first two vehicles have been put into operation and attracted other steel mill leaders to visit. Watching Zhang Cheng’s standard demonstrations and communicating with him, these leaders showed considerable interest in MCC Heavy Machinery’s slag pot carriers, which brings tremendous opportunities for MCC Heavy Machinery to continuously expand its presence in South Korea’s market.

  Located in Kunsan City, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea, SeAH Bseteel Corporation is an arm of SeAH Group. Headquartered in Seoul, SeAH Group was founded in 1960 and is among major chaebol groups in South Korea. Enjoying good reputation, SeAH Group is this country’s largest comprehensive special steel enterprise focusing on steel production and processing.


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